The new three-cylinder petrol unit stands out for its exceptional efficiency and great performance abilities. The further improved petrol engines are the latest milestone in an evolutionary development process. Powerful, light and fuel-efficient three cylinder drive units that form part of a new generation of engines. They boast a compact design along with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, at the same time as complying with the EU6 emissions standard.

The new three-cylinder engine derives its typical characteristics from BMW's inline six-cylinder engines, to which it is closely related and which are noted for their eager power delivery, revving ability and refinement. The three-cylinder's BMW TwinPower Turbo technology comprises a high-performance turbocharging system and direct gasoline injection with high-precision injectors positioned between the valves, along with VALVETRONIC throttle-less load control, which improves efficiency and response thanks to seamlessly variable valve lift control.

Like a six-cylinder engine, the three-cylinder unit is free of first and second-order inertial forces. The low roll torque, a typical feature of a three-cylinder design, is further reduced by a balancer shaft, while a multi-stage damper integrated in the automatic transmission ensures very smooth and refined running at low rpm. BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and low internal friction improve both fuel consumption and torque characteristics. Accelerator response is sharp and the three-cylinder unit quickly reaches its maximum torque of 320 Newton meters.

By increasing the aluminium content and using the even lighter material magnesium, the BMW Group has also achieved substantial reductions in the average weight of the new engines. At the same time thermal management and acoustic properties have also been improved.

  B38A12U0 B38A15M0 B38A15T0
* depending on vehicle
Engine type 3-cyl. Inline (E-W) 3-cyl. Inline (E-W) 3-cyl. Inline (E-W)
Displacement [ccm] 1.198 1.499 1.499
Power [kW] @ [1/min] 75 @ 4.250 -6.000 100 @ 4.500 - 6.000 170 @ 5.800
Torque [Nm] @ [1/min] 180 @ 1.400-4.000 220 @1250 320 @ 3.700
Emission standard EU6 EU6 EU6
CO2 range [g/km]* 109-114 107 - 112  


* depending on vehicle
Engine type 3-cyl. Inline (E-W)
Displacement [ccm] 1.198
Power [kW] @ [1/min] 75 @ 4.250 -6.000
Torque [Nm] @ [1/min] 180 @ 1.400-4.000
Emission standard EU6
CO2 range [g/km]* 109-114
* depending on vehicle
Engine type 3-cyl. Inline (E-W)
Displacement [ccm] 1.499
Power [kW] @ [1/min] 100 @ 4.500 - 6.000
Torque [Nm] @ [1/min] 220 @1250
Emission standard EU6
CO2 range [g/km]* 107 - 112
Engine type 3-cyl. Inline (E-W)
Displacement [ccm] 1.499
Power [kW] @ [1/min] 170 @ 5.800
Torque [Nm] @ [1/min] 320 @ 3.700
Emission standard EU6