The new generation of BMW electric drives provide a superior value in terms of power density, efficiency and performance. Our range of high efficiency electric motors and generators is able to cover a wide spectrum of applications.

BMW Synchronous Electric Motor

The newly developed synchronous electric motor dazzles with enormous torque that remains constant from acceleration to maximum speed – for sustainable mobility with overwhelming agility. The electric motor is a proprietary development by the BMW Group and available within a power range from 75 to 125 kW.

Another convincing feature of the permanently excited motor is its smooth running and low vibrations, achieving the high standards expected of a premium powertrain.

Main characteristics of BMW synchronous electric motor:
  • High bandwidth with nearly constant power
  • Minimization of magnet and overall mass
  • High efficiency in wide load area

BMW High-Voltage Starter Generator

The 15 kW belt driven electric motor acts both as a generator to supply the high voltage battery with electric power and as a starter to perform a smooth engine start.