"I am looking for a replacement engine for my '88 BMW 750i. Could you please send me an offer?"
Unfortunately we do not sell aftersales parts to end-consumers. Please contact your local BMW dealer for an inquiry.
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"I am looking for an efficient powertrain system for a non-automotive application. Can you help me?"
Yes, we also offer products and services for non-automotive purposes.
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"I am working on the development of a new multi purpose vehicle that will be provided to the military and we are looking for an efficient 4-cyl. Diesel."
Thank you very much for your inquiry, but we do not support projects that are related to military purposes.
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"I am currently building up a prototype of a small lightweight super sports car which shall be produced with a volume of 20 cars per year. Can you offer a 4-cyl. Turbo engine for this application?"
Thank you very much for your inquiry, but unfortunately we cannot support your project because there is a minimum sales volume of 100 engines per year that has to be fulfilled.
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"Can you please give me a price indication for your current 6-cyl. 3.0 TwinTurbo gasoline engine?"
Due to the broad variety of engine purposes and possible applications, there is no defined standard package for our engines. The price is always depending on the scope of delivery and the customer-specific engineering service that is needed for the development of your product. Our sales department is looking forward to discuss further details with you.
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"I would like to discuss a project opportunity with BMW Powertrain Systems for Business Customers. How do I get in touch with you?"
We are looking forward to your inquiry. Please contact our sales department for the initial contact establishment. Additionally you can find a broad overview of the project stages in the website section "Our Services".
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