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The only thing that matters – the twelve-cylinder engine combines excellent power delivery with practically vibration-free smooth running across the entire rev range.

The secret of the extraordinarily smooth running of the BMW twelve-cylinder engine lies in the number of cylinders and their positioning. Two cylinder banks arranged at a 60° angle to each other each hold six cylinders in a row. This balances the inertial forces perfectly and minimises vibrations. The small spark gap between the cylinders reduces vibrations and oscillations in the power drive and ensures unusually smooth running.


Engine type
Displacement [ccm]
Power [kW] @ [1/min]
Torque [Nm] @ [1/min]
Emission standard
CO2 range [g/km]*

 * depending on vehicle

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    The use of pioneering technology is the reason behind the phenomenal potential of the BMW twelve-cylinder V engine - the unique BMW TwinPower Turbo technology with High Precision Injection, the direct petrol injection system, enables a high compression ratio and thus peak values of 400 kW (544 hp) and 750 Nm maximum torque. In this special technique, petrol is injected directly into each cylinder and mixed with compressed air from two turbochargers before being ignited. Optimal flux and the ideal current in the exhaust system ensure a direct response from the turbochargers. Working together with the variable camshaft control system, double-Vanos, the valve timing is precisely tuned to the engine's requirements. This enables the 6.0-litre engine to fully develop its enormous potential for performance and torque while still delivering excellent fuel efficiency and low emission levels.

     The V12 boasts a number of other standard-setting innovations, including the liquid-cooled generator and the exhaust system with catalysts close to the engine and exhaust-gas recirculation. No other engine delivers such a combination of outstanding dynamics, smooth performance and excellent efficiency.

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